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Public Speaking

Dr. Christina is an experienced and inspiring public speaker. Her talks cover a wide variety of subjects and revolve around living a healthy, happy, authentic life:

  • Changing Perspectives, Deepening Perspectives

  • The Alchemy of Loving Connection

  • 6 Steps to Feeling Yummy       ​

  • Alternative Health and Hemp Oil

  • Stress and Inflammation

  • Living a Joy Filled Life

  • Music, Magic and Manifestation

  • Healing vs. Curing

“Dr. Christina is one of those rare people who can take the stage and really move your heart. I have had the great honor of being in her audience many times.” HK, Santa Fe

Dr. Christina is happy to create an individualized talk to meet the needs of your group. 

The Alchemy of Loving Connection - Unknown Artist
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Changing Perspectives, Deepening Perspectives - Unknown Artist
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6 Steps to Feeling Yummy - Unknown Artist
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